Along the Shore at Sunset

Lake Massabesic

Taken just before Sunset along Lake Massabesic’s shoreline

Fall at Lake Massabesic

Fall MasabesicFall along the shore of Lake Massabesic in Auburn, NH

The Shores of Lake Massabesic

Lake MassabesicThe Rocky Shores of Lake Massabesic, Auburn, NH

NH Realty Scoops

Lake Massabesic Sunset

Lake Massabesic sunset

Sunset on Lake Massabesic in Auburn NH

image taken by Jay McGillicuddy

After you….

go in

Wild life in abundance

Wild life in abundance… no need to visit a zoo when you’re in New Hampshire! These two were just standing by the edge of the pond clearly visible from the side of the road. It looks like they’re trying to convince each other to go in.   After you dear…

Found in Auburn NH along Rte 121 at Lake  Massabesic.

NH Photo captured by Monika McGillicuddy