Full Moon Rising Over Hampton Beach

Ful mon risingThis was last night’s full moon rising over Hampton Beach, NH

Too bad the beach didn’t come out but the bottom of the moon looks like it is touching the water.

Sunrise Hampton Beach NH

SunsetLow tide while watching the sun rise. Hampton Beach NH

Image captured by Monika McGillicuddy

Full Moon Rising


full moon 1.26Full moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean at Hampton Beach NH on Saturday January 26th

image by Jay Mcillicuddy

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Hampton Beach winter along the coast

A chilly day along the coast. Hampton Beach is beautiful no matter what time of year.

Beach photo by Monika McGillicuddy


Dusk at Hampton Harbor

Hampton Harbor at Sunset

The sun had set and the view from Hampton Harbor looking out towards the Hampton bridge was so peaceful.

Dusk Image Captured by Monika McGillicuddy