Where are all the people??


A lonely seagull and an empty beach

In New Hampshire and I’m sure in other New England States as well, we actually call them Sky Rats. I’ve always liked watching the Seagulls and have seen them swoop down and steal food right out of someone’s hand! Once a bold Seagull  took a woman’s keys right from the top of her beach bag and flew away. You can imagine what a scene that caused!  It’s unusual to see such an empty beach…usually there are people everywhere. This seagull sure had the place to it’s self.

NH Photo captured by Monika McGillicuddy


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  1. LOL – I had never heard that phrase before in all the years I’ve lived here until you used it the other day! Just doesn’t sound as nice as seagull….. 😉

  2. I admit Seagull sounds much nicer but Sky Rat is more appropriate. I can’t believe you’ve never heard that before lol…Maybe the Seagulls that hang around Portsmouth are a bit more classy or something.

  3. Nope, never heard that till you said it. And I’ve hung around with boaters, lobstermen, and off-shore fishing crews, and still had never heard that before. Maybe they don’t call them that around here right along the coast…??

  4. Funny but I’ve been sailing with a long time sailor who moors his boat in Newburyport and he first told me about sky rats as well as other beach goers and campers. Call them Sky Rats mainly due the mess they make all over the place. I still love watching them.