Sunset along the Merrimack River Salisbury Massachusetts

IMG_5379Salisbury Massachusetts sun setting along the Merrimack River.  Camping at the Salisbury State reservation makes scenes like this commonplace.

Heading out to sea | Dawn Salisbury Beach

IMG_5595Early one morning before the sun rose I caught this lobster man heading out to sea!

Salisbury Beach | A path to the shore

IMG_5551A Path to the shore!  I love all these pretty little shore paths we see along the New England coast line.  Jay and I spent three weeks living and working in our motor home while camping at Salisbury Beach State Reservation.

North Hampton NH

Roses and OceanA father’s drive along the coast with a quick stop along the way in North Hampton. You have to admit that this is a gorgeous view!

North Hampton image capture by Monika McGillicuddy

A day in the park Prescott Park Portsmouth NH

Portsmouth NH Prescott ParkPrescott Park in Portsmouth NH is a lovely place to enjoy no matter the season.  I’m lucky as on the days I work in Portsmouth, I can squeeze in a noon time walk and this is just one of the many spots I love to enjoy.

Prescott Park Portsmouth NH photo captured by Monika McGillicuddy