Union Cemetery Newton NH


Newton NH unique stone work

Union Cemetery in Newton  NH is a small little cemetery found along New Boston Road. I love this old stone water spout and it thought it very unique and wonderful addition to my collection of NH photos. It’s amazing what you can find rambling about the back roads of NH.

Image captured by Monika McGillicuddy 2009


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  1. Linda Scanlan says:

    Monika, I love looking at your photographs. You take such beautiful pictures and have a wonderful subject. Your state is so gorgeous. Great people there, too 🙂

  2. Thank you Linda. Someday I hope you get to see our state up close and in person…in the meantime I’m glad you like my photos.

  3. Hi Monica,

    I just happened to type in the Cematary name my Grandmother was buried in, I wasnt sure if anything woulf come up. She lived only a few houses down and we used to walk to the cematary every week when we visited. I was just up there last weekend and very sad to see that the house next to the cematary way in back has thrown trash into the woods.My grandmother is in the back left corner ( Priscilla Barnes) and I hate the fact that the trash is literally 50 feet away from her grave. Do you have any idea how to get these people to have some respect ? she loved the beauty of that little area, and its so sad she has to be next to this mess.

    Im so happy you posted this picture, I remember when you could look down the well and fill a bucket up ..that was a long time ago !!

    Take care !

    Kathy ( Barnes) Medugno

  4. I am sorry about the trash those people have in their yard. Too bad that they let it go like that as for getting them to clean it up I have no idea. If the trash is on their property I would imagine there is nothing anyone can do. I am glad you found and like my picture. I love that spot …so much history is there. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving to you!