Rye Harbor State Park New Hampshire

Rye Harbor State Park Full MoonFull Moon Rising over Rye Harbor State Park

The full moon rose proudly from the sea on a very cold winter eve but what a sight it was. Rye Harbor State Park in Rye New Hampshire is a perfect place to enjoy the day or watching the moon rise.

NH Image Captured by Jay McGillicuddy



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  1. The same happens to the moon Io about 40 minutes later a bit closer to the planet. Be sure to start watching both these “eclipse reappearances” 5-10 minutes BEFORE the times shown, so you can watch and appreciate the full transition from invisibility to return to normal brightness. By the time they’re finished, Jupiter will have two “new” moons compared to the hour before. I hope you get to see it. Oh, just to be sure you know where to find Jupiter in the first place, it’s that very bright “star” high in south at nightfall.