Mount Washington Hotel Bretton Woods, NH

Mount Washington HotelNot too often we get to see snow on the mountain behind the Mount Washington Hotel Bretton Woods, NH. This was a great day and it was crowded at the viewing area where people can stop by and pull off the road and take images like this.

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  1. Kind of surreal to see all that snow so soon! The depth in this photo is fantastic. All of them are terrific

  2. Thanks. Jay took that one and I think it totally looks magical. I took one with my cell phone standing in front of the river bed with the hotel in the background. The whole area is awesome.

  3. WOW! That picture is AMAZING!!!

  4. I thought of you and Cyndee Haydon when taking this. Just a couple weeks earlier and you were here. That was so much fun.

  5. Us lowlanders don’t see it like that often. Now the folks up north they see it with snow all the time.