Hampstead NH | Shop Pond

Shop Pond in HampsteadDriving home along route 121 in Hampstead NH. The colors at Shop Pond were amazing and it’s not peak here yet.

NH Photo Captured by Monika McGillicuddy


Sunset along the Merrimack River Salisbury Massachusetts

IMG_5379Salisbury Massachusetts sun setting along the Merrimack River.  Camping at the Salisbury State reservation makes scenes like this commonplace.


Heading out to sea | Dawn Salisbury Beach

IMG_5595Early one morning before the sun rose I caught this lobster man heading out to sea!


Salisbury Beach | A path to the shore

IMG_5551A Path to the shore!  I love all these pretty little shore paths we see along the New England coast line.  Jay and I spent three weeks living and working in our motor home while camping at Salisbury Beach State Reservation.


North Hampton NH

Roses and OceanA father’s drive along the coast with a quick stop along the way in North Hampton. You have to admit that this is a gorgeous view!

North Hampton image capture by Monika McGillicuddy